Easton Mika Kawawaki (b.1995, US) is a multimedia artist based in San Diego, California. She currently works with different abstract painting techniques and film photography, exploring the intersections between the two mediums. Her photography aims to capture honest moments and preserve their memory, revealing the beauty that simple scenes have the potential to yield. Her paintings evolve from her photographic documentation as well as personal experience and introspection. Through multiple washes, textures, and movement, she creates layers of expression, eliciting a journey into deeper memory and emotion. 

Her current body of work, 'Impressions' - on view at Coffee & Tea Collective, June 9th- is inspired from her trip to Japan in February 2023



Her passion for people and journalism led her into the wedding world to document these stories, centered around human connection. She aims to preserve the raw moments and those that may go unseen. Incorporating her background in visual arts and love for both story telling and editorial, she strives to retell your narrative through her own perspective.

Her work has been featured in The Anti Bride, This is Range Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, MCASD, and more. 

Contact for any inquiries in the form below or at hello@eastonkawawaki.com 

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